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How to Merge PDF Files merge pdf online

Most of us understand that when we complete a form, it should often be submitted along with supporting papers. In most cases, such papers prove someone’s identity or right to work. Also, the user may need to attach other additional forms. That is why PDF merger has become one of the most useful features, helping document workflows become more paperless. PDFfiller developed this solution for you to merge PDF in several simple steps. The fast process of combining numerous electronic templates into one will increase your productivity.

Everyone will have the opportunity to digitally merge PDF files and share them with this useful tool. The solution runs independently and any customer can use it to manage multiple PDF files with his or her internet-connected device. No additional software is required. All tools are available on any laptop and look good on both Windows or Mac platforms as well as any mobile phone. Customers can now save more time when processing docs on the go.

Merge PDF Online in a Few Clicks With PDFfiller’s Tool

Create a new document from existing samples and rearrange PDF pages following the steps below:

  1. Upload all necessary PDF documents to your personal account and arrange them in the same folder so you won’t have to search for every sample while merging.

  2. Merge Multiple PDFs Online with PDFfiller
  3. Select templates by putting a checkmark in front of each one you need. Remember that the minimal number is two PDFs and maximum is five. If you select more, a warning notification will appear.

  4. Merge Multiple PDFs Online with PDFfiller account
    Merge PDF Online using PDFfiller
  5. Click “More” in the upper row of features and select “Merge”.

  6. PDF Merger
  7. Next, a pop-up preview window will appear. Place the pages in the proper order and submit the changes.

  8. In several seconds you will see your new document. The form is saved in the same folder as the forms it contains. All previous versions are untouched and remain in the same folder.

  9. Download the sample to your personal computer or send it as a signature request. Additionally, the user may share it with any person providing the link.

  10. In order to protect personal data, a number of security measures can be added.

  11. Lock the document with a password or include a verification check by phone number, photo or social network account. This will provide safe access to the template only for the individual you trust.

  12. To learn more about PDF merger, please watch the following video:

    Youtube video

    PDFfiller provides you with numerous unique features that help to save time for more important business. Customers can split their samples, share several docs at once and add tags to easily find needed files. Try every tool and find the one that helps you best.

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June 17, 2015
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General Questions about Merging Multiple PDFs

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  • Can I amend (alter, correct, change, modify, revise, redact) a document?
    Sure! With PDFfiller you are able to edit any PDF document directly in your web browser. It's a simple yet powerful web-based platform suitable for all categories of users. Modify PDFs, add text, images, e-sign, revise and share your documents easily from any Internet-connected device!
  • How do I alter pages in a document?
    Open the editor and click the "Page Rearrange" button on the left. Easily arrange, rotate, duplicate, add or delete pages in your PDF. Click "Reset" to discard the changes.
  • How do I customize the arrangement of my documents?
    Use the 'Page rearrange' menu, select the page that you wish to move, then click either "Move left" or "move right" icon. In this way, you can change the page order and place each page in the desired position.
  • Can I cut pages from documents?
    Of course you can! Just open the editor and look for the "Page rearrange" icon on the left of your screen. Then choose the page you wish to remove and click 'Delete'. It's as simple as one two three.
  • How do I collate a document?
    You can do it in just a few simple steps. Add your PDFs to the site, then proceed to the dashboard and open the Mybox tab. Select the documents you wish to collate, select the 'More' button from the upper menu and click the 'Merge' icon in the dropdown menu. Insert the name for a new file you wish to create and click 'Merge' once again. Find the resulting document in your Mybox folder.
  • Can I revise documents once I'm finished?
    Don't worry. Each document you work with is automatically saved in your Mybox folder. You can revise it anytime you want until you decide to delete it manually.
  • How do I rearrange pages in a document?
    With PDFfiller, it's a fast and simple procedure. Just click the 'Page Rearrange' button on the left, select the page you wish to rearrange and move it left or right using one of the buttons from the menu. Click the 'Reset' button if something went wrong and you want to discard changes.
  • How do I erase a page within a document?
    You can do it easily by opening your document in the PDFfiller editor and browsing the 'Page Rearrange' menu (the second icon from the left). Then just select the desired page and press delete. It will only take a few seconds of your time to erase any page in any of your PDFs.
  • Can I lengthen a document?
    You can easily add pages to each of your docs. In order to do so, open the PDFfiller editor and proceed to the 'Page Rearrange' tab. Then just click the 'Add Page' button. Do it as many times as you need. Press 'Apply' to save changes or 'Reset' to discard them and start over.
  • How do I reorder pages within a document?
    If you want to change the page order in your document, upload it to the PDFfiller editor and use the 'Page Rearrange' menu on the left. Then just move pages according to your needs. Don't forget to save the file when you're finished!
  • How do I rotate the pages in a document?
    PDFfiller editor allows you to easily rotate pages in any of your PDF documents. In order to do so, just use the 'Page Rearrange' menu. Open it and click 'Rotate'. Press 'Apply' to save changes or 'Reset' to cancel changes and do it again.
  • How to merge several documents into one?
    Upload documents to the editor, click the 'Mybox' button and press 'Merge'. If you don't know where to find the 'Merge' icon, just browse the upper toolbar.
  • How do I assemble a new document?
    There's a possibility to assemble a new document using the PDFfiller editor. Simply click the 'Add New' button on the top of the page and create a new document from scratch. Don't forget that you can also add blank pages to existing documents.
  • How do I remove a page in a document?
    Open the PDFfiller editor and click the "Page rearrange" icon. Select the page you wish to remove and press 'Delete' (the trash bin icon). That's it!
  • How do I insert a blank page into a document?
    First, upload your PDF and view it in the editor. Then open the menu on the left (the 'Page Rearrange' icon). Here you can easily find the 'Add Page' button. Use it as many times as you need. Oh, and don't forget to click 'Apply' to save the changes you made to the document.